Conferences and videos

It should never be forgotten that, even if conferences

are privileged moments of communication between researchers and colleagues
allowing to follow the evolution of a work, the videos (which often follow)
constitute an essential proof for the history

This page « Conferences and Videos »   intended to remind that if the words fly away … The writings, or rather the videos remain.  

It lists, year by year, more than 530 conferences made around the world, but also more than 25 video films, most of which were made in public during the congresses.

Like publications and press articles, they have marked my professional activity for more than 50 years.

Unfortunately what spectator/colleague would have remembered what was said at these congresses and who would dare to affirm 50 years later that what you will see in these videos already existed?

Fortunately, and I’m sure this will surprise many, some of it has been recorded: it’s the magic of the modern world… if I dare say for what was happening then.

An example: thanks to the film of November 1985 (on the French national TV channel A2) I was able to prove that the first impression taken in the mouth by interferometry (here in the conical multiview prophylometry phase) was made in public by Hennson during the Paris congress of the ADF.

These testimonies also represent privileged moments of communication with confreres and industrialists. Especially if you watch the movies recorded during the conferences, you will discover the many dialogues that existed between the room, our team and myself.

An important remark seems to me also necessary: all the interactive elements described in my 1973 thesis (interferometry, space-cement, biometrics, library of theoretical teeth, machining, etc.), implanted in all today’s computer interface, are perfectly identifiable and were already programmed into Hennson’s system as early as 1985 (see video comments).

Now you just have to look for conferences or videos that may interest you. My house being big, I kept all the slides I used then and they are at your disposal.  Part of the existing 10.000 is in the image box on page 7 of this site. I will enrich it regularly. You can also return with a touch of nostalgia to the atmosphere of these 80’s films that marked the digital dental revolution.