We must never forget that I could not have done anything without my family, my friends, my co-workers and above all,
without the support of the Press.

This page «Press article» is intended to pay tribute to them and thank them for 50 years of collaboration and unwavering support.

It lists, year by year, more than 800 press articles related to the works that have marked my professional activity for more than 40 years.

Knowing that I have always considered it a fundamental duty for a researcher to regularly inform the community about his ideas and the results he obtains, but also that I have never personally asked to appear in the press, Like me, you will no doubt be surprised by the abundance of these references.

Remember that this is not an advantage, as this obligation also requires proof of what has been claimed.

A press article is therefore also a very important responsibility for an inventor. Never forget that at the time of their publication (50 years for the CadCam!) many people called me crazy or a liar.  So my personal commitment was total and risky.

A look at these articles, public or professional information, will allow you to better understand the responsibility that was mine vis-à-vis my peers. Today I sincerely believe that I have proved, in their sometimes benevolent eyes, that my deep conviction was the right one … 

Time has done the rest…. or almost, because if you all know today the worldwide outcome of certain inventions you do not always know that I am its father. (see page “Thesis and Inventions”).

The press articles I present here are therefore also the indisputable testimony of these paternities. In addition, they provide proof of their final characteristics and their marketing times by the date of their publication.

In making this first assessment, I also realized with surprise, and a bit of pride I admit, that many of these articles about my work have been written all over the world. Faced with this diversity of countries, dates or types of presentations, I finally chose to present them year after year as time goes on.

On the other hand, the international character of these publications is important to me, because I hope more than anything that we do not forget that France is the cradle of artificial dental intelligence and its main application : the medical and dental CadCam.

Of course, beyond the print media, I had the honour of being interviewed by most radio or television stations, French (TF1, A2, FR3, Canal +), Canadian, American (NBC, CBS, Cable…), Japanese and even … Australian. You will find only a part of it in the videos and patents pages because it is impossible for me to show you everything, but know that I keep the recordings at your disposal (my English accent is worth it!!!!).