Important dates of my
interventions in I.A. and CFAO

Important dates of my interventions in A.I. and CFAO

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1970:François Duret is in 3rd year dental school (sophomore) and Master of Science student. At the age of 22, he combines the concepts of thermodynamics and quantum 3D metrology to digitize the dental world and build all digital dentistry including CadCam
1973:Publicly he presents this global and revolutionary conception of artificial intelligence in his thesis DDS “Optical impression” under mockery.
1976:François presented at a congress in Tours the drawings of the 1st IOS still using holography, but taking lingual and vestibular views as he will do in congress in 1983
1980:After 3 years of experimentation (1976-1979) with Prof Thouvenot, he co-depose his 1st patent on the CadCam (14 will follow between 1982 and 2018)
1979 – 1986:This is the manufacturing period for his 3 prototypes of CadCam with IOS
1983 (Septembre):François publicly presents his first functional dental CadCam prototype in the world (with CCD, Cad and Cam) at the Garancières congress in Paris
1985 (Novembre):With his 2nd prototype, for the first time in the world and always in public (in front of more than 800 colleagues, journalists and TV) He realizes on live and in mouth, with a new IOS (profilometry phase), a modeling station (Matra Datavision) and a special dental milling machine Kuhlmann, the first never bluid CadCam crown in occlusion at the congress of the ADF (Paris)  )
1986 – 1989:He creates and launches, thanks to Professor Sangiolot, the first congresses and the first courses in the world on CadCam at the Dental faculty of Marseille/Nice
Juin 1987The Hennson company with François commercializes the world’s first real CadCam system capable of making prostheses (inlay, crowns, CIV, bridges) with an occlusal surface: the “Duret system” using structured composite, ceramic (then titan in 1992).
1988 (Février)With the system marketed by Hennson he realizes for the first time in the USA always on live, in front of 5000 American dentists (at the congress of the Chicago MidWinter “onlive”) two aesthetic crowns in static and dynamic occlusion (thanks to its digital articulator “Access Articulator”) connected to the CadCam and make-up using its “Shademaster” spectrometer (developed with Bertin) 
1989Realization of the first bridge (3 elements) at the congress of Berlin
1992Commercialization of the 2nd system mainly oriented laboratory, sad copy of the system Hennson of François, the Sopha Cadcam (Sopha Bioconcept Company)
1994 – 2003François works in collaboration with the Japanese company GC (Japan) and participates directly in the design and conception of the GN1, its 3rd CadCam system (associated with Hitachi and Nikon)
2003 – 2009He works a lot on theory and gives courses on the Dental and general CadCam at the Dental faculty of Montpellier. He publishes many books and articles
2010- 2017Finally in 2010 he presents his new design of intraoral scanner (IOS). After having invented the 1st structure light scanner (Hennson) he invents the 1st without structured light (« Condor IOS » of the company Aabam) which he commercialized from 2017.
2018-aujourd’huiThis same development will allow it to introduce in 2022 the first optical Impression tray (IOT) ever designed, a real revolution in the world of digital dentistry and Artificial Intelligence, thanks a lot  to the company Invisart..

De 1969 à 2022

He worked 53 years to impose his DDS thesis “Impression Optique” and his view of the future of Dentistry based on

“Data Digitization and Artificial Intelligence”

Of which he is logically considered by many as the father