Education, Funding
and Hospital Functions

Educational, funding and Hospital Functions

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During 50 years, I have been Visiting Professor, Teacher, Assistant Professor, Research Professor, Professor and Chairman at :

UER Sciences Odontologiques Lyon (Dental Faculty). FRANCE

UER Sciences Odontologiques Marseille/Nice (Dental Faculty). FRANCE

University of Southern California (USC Los Angeles) USA

Nippon Dental University (NDU, Niigata-Tokyo) JAPAN

UFR Sciences Odontologiques Montpellier (Dental Faculty) FRANCE

After 8 years of teaching biochemistry, I set out to develop the teaching Digital Dentistry. Thus Thanks to Pr/Dean R. Sanguiollo I built and taught from 1985 to 1989 the world’s first teaching of digital dentistry (including CFAO, Artificial Intelligence, expert system and RA or management …). Apart from my research, for various questions, it was more difficult to renew the experience in the USA (at the University of Southern California) and then in Japan.   

From 1999 to 2018 I transferred the experience of Marseille to the beautiful UFR of Montpellier thanks to the support of its deans and professors who will become my friends.

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1 - Theoretical and Practical Courses (bachelor, graduate or Master levels)

1972 to 1976         Instructor in Microbiology / Biochemistry and Visiting Professor in Biochemistry (UFR Lyon – France)

1976 to 1980         Assistant professor in dental Biochemistry. BMF service (UER Lyon – France

1985 to 1988         Visiting Professor and Laboratory Director (GBM Medical school – Lyon France)

1986 to 1989         Visiting Professor and Teacher and director of Master DUBIP) (UER Marseille then Nice – France)

1989 to 1991         Research Professor and Co-director (University of Southern California. (USC. Los Angeles – USA)

1991 to 1998         Research Professor and Service Chairman (University of Southern California. (USC. Los Angeles – USA)

1999 to 2003         Visiting/Attached professor- Nippon dental University (Niigata/TokyoJapan)

1999 to 2018         Visiting professor in Digital Dentistry/CadCam (UFR de Montpellier – (France)

Remarks about my personal creations in teaching.


Creation of the first department with its new biochemistry laboratory and the first dental biochemistry lesson’s at the Dental Faculty Lyon


Created the first Worldwide lesson’s on digital dentistry and  Dental CadCam (Senior and Master) at the University of Marseille and Nice (France)


Creation of the first CadCam Laboratory and training University (perhaps the first in USA) on dental CadCam at University of Southern California (Los Angeles- USA).


Created the first lesson on Digital Dentistry and CadCam  at the Faculty of Montpellier (France)

2 - Thesis (DDS and PhD)

In all the 55 theses for which I have been director or member of the jury, given the subjects (biochemistry or CadCam) I have always taken a very active part. This was particularly the case for all subjects dealing with digital dentistry.

You can see it in appendix 2 attached. 

They were supported in Lyon (France), Marseille and Montpellier for the most part.

3 - Lectures regarding continuing education for DDS

Note, for purely illustrative purposes and just for the example, 5 training days “ strictly addressed to our students and/or our confreres” because these are postgraduate training that are not indicated in the 536 references on the page “conferences/readings and video

1 –     Duret F:  Ph/Ca The role of Fluoride In Journées Lyonnaise d’Odonto-Stomatologie: 28 avril 1977 (1h) 1977; Lyon. UER d’Odontologie de Lyon; 1977.

2 –     Duret F: Thoughts on use of Calcium in Therapeutic Odontology In journées Lyonnaises d’Odontologie: 27 janvier (15 mn) 1978; Lyon. Information Dentaire; 1978:38.

3 –     Bonin P, Duprez JP Duret F, Evolution of Material Composites in 6th Entretiens de Garancière, Paris, October 16-20, 1980.

4 –     Bonin P, Duprez JP, Duret F, Lardon J: (in French) Compatibility composite/cement cavity In Cercle National de d’odontologie Conservatrice CNOC. Grèce: 1981.

5 –     Duret F: Antisepsy : fondamental basis In Journée Lyonnaises d’Odontologie 23 January 1981 1981; Lyon; 1981.

4 - Summary of teaching programs (just for example)

Remarque: Note: If you go to Annex 2 you will find the training plans.

41. Tutorials for Freshman students

42. Tutorials for Sophomores students.

43. Tutorials for Juniors students.

44. Tutorials for Seniors students

45. Tutorials for Post graduates DDS (Master) :

451. In France (1975 to 1988)

452. In  USA at USC ( 1990-1999 )

46. Senior lesson in France on CadCam and digital Dentistry – UFR- Dental school) Montpellier (1999 – to day).

5 - Teaching and training (PhD/Master) in France, USA and Japan.

The goal of my participation in teaching, whether in Biochemistry or Digital Dentistry, has always been to bring as much as I could into a teaching system that was open to it, but that was not always ready to receive it or trained to do so.

It was a passionate approach that I have always been for teaching. I have devoted more than a third of my life to teaching without receiving the slightest compensation and by graciously opening my personal laboratory to both teachers and students.

This was marked in 1985 by my Master courses (PhD) which began at the GBM in Lyon and then continued in the dental faculties of Marseille (DUBIP) and Nice.

I continued this action, with less success for language barrier issues, in the USA (at USC Los Angeles) and then in Japan (at NDU Niigata) for 14 years

I finished this long action in the total joy of the support of the UFR of Montpellier (in my course in Digital Dentistry for the 6th years and then at the DU of aesthetics). In 1999, this enabled me to initiate and then train students at this institution in digital dentistry, artificial intelligence and, of course, dental CadCam

6 - Clinical and Hospital Function’s

6.1 Dental Surgeon in Private Practice(16 years)

1972 to 1987 : After having been 2 years in replacement in Burgundy and then in Lyon, I created, developed and held my private practice (I went from 1 to 3 dental offices + 3 laboratory techniciens) from 1973 to 1987 (Le Grand Lemps – 38690 – France )

6.2 Hospital and University.

1972 and 1973: Intern assistant at Charpennes Hospital (dental office) in  Lyon (1972 and 1973).

1976 to 1980: Assistant Professor in Clinical Dentistry Hospital (Hospices Civils of Lyon – France)

1989 to 1991 : Research professor and co-director of service . only for clinical research.  University of Southern California (Los Angeles USA)

1991 to 1998: Research professor and service Chairman . only for clinical research.  University of Southern California (Los Angeles USA)

7 - French, US and Japan grants and repayable advances obtained for my laboratory. (not for me !!)

See Annex 2 for more informations.

Important note: Having never been supported by the Universities (except indirectly the UFR of Odontology of Montpellier and the School of Mines of Alès) I had to find myself the necessary funds for the development of my laboratories and my inventions.


All the funds indicated here were obviously not intended for me and were only used for work carried out by my team and the purchase of the necessary services and materials.

1976 à 2020 :   6,733,000 euros of aid were obtained for my laboratories over 44 years (never for me personally – thanks to my wife Ch. Dentist and the industrialists who supported me) )

(carry forward €1 = $1)

With friends from the Dental Faculty of Montpellier and of course Dr Bruno Pélissie