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1973 thesis - "Optical Impression"

Documents related to the «Optical Impression» 1973 Thesis

My personal work on Laser began in 1969 in TP when I arrived at the Faculty of Science of the University of Lyon (France). I was in the second year (Sophomore) since September 1968 and did them alongside my master Jacques Dumas, then assistant professor to Mr Perez. It was at Christmas 1970 that I came up with the idea of dental CadCam and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. With the unfailing support of this rigorous Master, I will write the thesis between January 1971 and June 1973. It was corrected and approved by the members of the jury in the summer of 1973 and submitted in November of that year. My thesis «Optical Impression» could finally be publicly defended only in February 1974 because of the flow of priority applications from all the former dentists who wanted to obtain this new doctorate of practice created at the end of 1972 in France.

Here are some surviving documents illustrating this period.

I would especially encourage you to read the “Historical and Analytical Summary” document, which covers the entire thesis in about 20 pages.


TH1    Duret, F. (1969) Extract from the LASER Rubis study report on LASER tissue irradiation corresponding to chapter 3 of my «Optical Imprint» thesis Rapport 66-34-198-00-480-75-01 –  version française


TH2      Duret, F. (1971) Access to the library reserved for researchers for the simple student that I am by the boss «Mr Perez» – version française


TH3       Duret, F. (1972) Search for funding from ANVAR, for my CadCam research without success  –  version française


TH4       Duret, F.(1973). Proof of the deposit of my theses with my dean, R Vincent, on June 29, 1973 (president of my jury, he will give his consent to the defense in November 1973).-  version française


TH5      Duret, F. (1973) Validation of my thesis in November 1973 by the University. With the signature of my Dean, President of the Jury, R Vincent, and the President of the University of Lyon –  version française


TH6      Duret, F., (1974) Final thesis diploma awarded on February 27, 1974 after my public defense so the public availability of my thesis and my work on CFAO medicine & dentistry and artificial intelligence, proof of my lack of interest – version française


TH7       Margerit, J. (1975) Proof of the dissemination and availability to the public of all my work on CFAO and Artificial Intelligences in Medicine and Dentistry). J Margerit became Professor of Prosthesis and Head of Department at the Faculty of Montpellier. –  version française


Devaux, M. (1976) Proof that I continue my work on the Optical footprint (I was director of this thesis)