My Inventions in all their forms

This page is dedicated to all my inventions, including CadCam and AI:

At the age of 20 and unaware of the importance of patents, it was not until 10 years later, in 1980, that I filed my first patent on digital dentistry. I chose to do so by restricting to the CFAO all the applications that were described in my thesis «Empreinte Optique (Optical Impression) ». I was no longer talking about «digitization of the dental world and Artificial Intelligence» but about a well-defined application to make prostheses justified the investment of industrial group.

So you have in this page successively by pressing one of the 3 buttons:

1.   A 5-page summary of all my patented inventions from 1980 to 2018. It is a simple text less daunting than reading a listing. 

2.   You will find the full list of patents filed with bibliographic references to easily find them. I have attached the summary as “57” and the drawing chosen by the board examiners. 

3.   Finally, and on a purely personal note, you will find a text of a few pages entitled «reflections and inventions» answering the questions that are regularly asked me about my professional activity as an inventor:

– What is for you the activity of inventor.

– What were the most important steps in this activity

– Has this led you to introduce a new form of teaching