Publications per themes

This second form of presentation, the most detailed, presents all my writings broken down according to the major themes that I developed in my research and my invention’s from 1973 to 2021.

In this page you will find either (A) the list of writings for each theme or (B) information on how they were handled in 7 pages.

If the listing remains a series of bibliographic references broken down, the associated information is interesting for those who want to better understand the context of writing. In particular you will find precise and personal comments on the methods implemented and the results obtained during these long years of research (no less than 50 years for the CFAO and the Int. Artificial!).

The 12 themes selected for you are :  

a.   CadCam and Artificial Intelligence (237 references).

b.   The Extensions of the CadCam

1. La CFAO, its history, its configurations(workflow) and relations between dental offices and office and laboratories (75 references)

2. Occlusion (with or without CadCam – 50 references)

3. The Implants (with or without CadCam – 27 references)

4. Materials (with or without CadCam – 53 references)

c.   The polymerization (70 references)

d.   Post (with or without CadCam – 36 references)

e.   Spectro-colorimétry (with or without CadCam – 20 references)

f.   Teeth whitening (20 references)

g.   Digital radiology (Cône-beam and RVG – 6 references)

h.   Pathology, viral infection and biochemistry (28 references)

i.   … and various small inventions (7 references)