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Note: Please See page “research and publications” for more information’s (include all my 356 personnel’s publications from 1973 to 2021

To allow you to inform yourself quickly, this page presents a personal selection of 24 references (in black) that seem interesting and representative of my work for 50 years and more particularly 12 (in red) which deserve more attention in my eyes for anyone interested in the birth of digital dentistry, artificial intelligence and, of course, optical impression and dental CadCam.

These selected publications deserve a minimum of explanations, which you will find more detailed in the following pages.

First of all, and through my thesis (first chosen text) you will see that it was described in 1973 the totality of digital dentistry and artificial intelligence in dentistry. You will also see, in the various chapters, that if the CadCam was detailed, it was only detailed for the example, because my work focused on the contribution of digitization in the whole of our daily activity (see in particular chapter 9).  Finally, we may be surprised to see described techniques such as internet and clouds that did not exist in the early 1970s (??).

The following 11 references were selected with the aim of detailing and validating the master application at the time: the CadCam. For this reason, the components and software you use today are described for the first time as early as 1981. In particular, it includes the implementation of IOS with a CCD, image processing cards or surface modelling transmitting their information to numerically controlled machine tools (Ref # 14). Everything will be presented publicly and live in 1983 in Paris (video and ref #45). These publications or videos also show the first models of prostheses, including inlays, in STL by Bézier tiles in 1982 (ref # 14 and 20). Unlike other rather primary systems, they were already built with environment and static and dynamic occlusion. In the same year, you will also find a description of all the applications (fixe and removel prostheses, post, circular preforms, cone beam or thermal measurements) (ref # 30,31-35). It is in a 1985 article, No. 50 of the “cahiers de prothèses”, that everything will be detailed for dentists with in addition the introduction of the first workflow (ref. # 62-63). I would also like to draw your attention to the two technical documentations of specifications of 1984 (ref # 54) and 1987 (ref. #100) because they show that all the CadCam of today was already described there. (see 1990 Strasbourg video).

Then many will discover that the first real dental CadCam system on the market was the Hennson system (ref # 62-63). This French system was also the first to be presented in public and in congress (video 1985). It was not intended only for laboratories, as we read too often, but also for dental offices or in a mixed practice/laboratory situation (ref # 123).

It was not until November 1985, when I sealed in my mouth and in public the first real crown made by CadCam, adapted to its environment and respecting the occlusion as any prosthesis must, that I considered myself the inventor of this technology that I had imagined and described 15 years earlier in my thesis. Before this date we read in the professional press only more or less fanciful working hypotheses.

You will also discover that this French Dental CadCam System «Hennson» device was not just a prototype but that it worked regularly in cabinets or laboratories (more than 60 were sold) including at the University of USC (USA) and that, if the manipulation was not always simple, His results were satisfactory to those who knew him (ref # 171).

Beyond and in the other 24 references, you will also discover other of my often unknown inventions, the CadCam taking up all the space, such as the RVG in 1984 (ref. # 50), heterogeneous 3D structured composites (ref. # 78) fiber studs (ref. #145), the digital articulator (ref. #119), correlation systems used today in implantology (ref. 121 and 156-159), rapid polymerization (ref. #179), PLY (ref. 198), active bleaching (ref. #223), the optical imprint holder (ref. #288) described in my 1973 thesis, or other augmented reality (ref. #331 and 340).


1 – Duret, F., (1) Empreinte Optique (Optical Impression), in Faculty of Odontology. University Claude Bernard. Lyon (France) theses 2e cycle/DDS n° 231, pp 288 pages 76 figures 308 bibliography.ref. 

 Fondamental – fundamental (with English translation) – version française – version anglaise/english version


14 – Duret F ., Ensemble de 4 lettres Soleau sur la CFAO – prothèse, ODF … (soleau 1 et 2) le RVG (Soleau 2 et 3) et la modification de teinte thermique (soleau 4) (set of 4 Soleau letters on the Dental CadCam – prosthesis, ODF … CCD … Cad Modélisation, IOS … (Soleau 1 and 2) the RX RVG (Soleau 2 and 3) and the thermal tint modification (Soleau 4) between 1979 to 1983 total pp 52 importantes pages/103 pages

version française


20 – Duret, F. and C. Termoz, Procede de réalisation d’une Prothèse, in France : 80.10967 i, INPI, Editor. Germain Moreau: France. 9 mai 1980, 5 fig, pp 7 pages, . version française and english version


30 –Duret, F.,Procédé d’usinage de prothèses fixes, mobiles et des inlays et onlays par machine outils (process for computing and milling prosthésis inlay, onlay, fixe and removal), in lettre soleau. 1982: France. version française


31 – Duret, F., E. Michallet-Duret, and C. Termoz, Dispositif de prise d’empreinte par des moyens optiques, notamment en vue de la realisation automatique de protheses,( Device for taking impressions by optical means, in particular for the automatic manufacture of prostheses,) in 82.06707, I.N.d.P.I. (INPI), Editor. Germain Maureau: France.14.04.1982, 37 figures. pp. 32 pages .version française and english version


35 – Duret, F., Procede de realisation d’une prothese dentaire (Procedure for making a denture), in 82.20349, I.N.d.P.I. (INPI), Editor. Germain Maureau: France.  30.11.1982, 31 figures. pp. 14 pages  version française and english version



45 – Bruno, M et Soizick N et Duret, F. (interview), En première mondiale : démonstration de l’empreinte optique aus entretients de Garancière en septembre 1983. (World premiere: demonstration of the optical impressiont EO at Garancière congress in September 1983   Tonus Dentaire (TD) 1983 31 (november) pp 11-13 (see also Video 1983)  version française


50 – Duret, F.,(13)RVG – Procédé de saisie de la forme d’organes humains ou d’anomalies pathologoques et dispoitif pour sa mise en oeuvre,( Method of seizure of the shape of human organs or pathologoques abnormalities and dispoitive for its implementation) in 83.07840, I.n.d.p.i. (INPI), Editor. Germain Maureau: France. 1983, p. 11 pages 15 figure

(RVG in revendication n°7/ claim n°7)  version française


54 – Duret, F., La  CFAO dentaire (Couronnes, bridges, dents à tenon, attachement, inlays, onlay, ODF): Cahier des charges (the dental Cad Cam (crown, bridges, post, attachment, inlays, onlay and ODF): report for CadCam development) Matra, Editor. 1984: Paris. pp. 260 pages on 2 tomes. version française


61 – Duret, F.,Vers un nouveau Symbolisme pour la réalisation de nos pièces Prothétiques (Toward a new symbolism for the réalisation of our prosthetic pieces). Les Cahiers de Prothèse (CdP) 1985. 50(juin): p. 65-71. version française and english version


62 – Duret, F., Blouin JL., Nahmani L. and Duret B. : Principes de Fonctionnement et applications techniques de l’empreinte optique dans l’exercice de Cabinet (Fuctioning principes and technical applications of optical impression withing a clinical practice). Les Cahiers de Prothèse (CdP) 1985. 50(juin): p. 73-110.  version française and english version


63 –Duret, F., Vers une prothèse informatisée (toward to the Workflow Dental CadCam). Tonus Dentaire (TD), 1985. 73(novembre): p. 1 and 55-57.  version française  Workflow


78 –Duret F, Duret B and laboratoire Spad.Matériaux pour CFAO :Composite heterogène et architecturé  « Aristée » de Spad documentation de référence doc 1 (CadCam material: Architectured heterogen dental Composite « Aristée » from Spad documentation de référence doc 1) documents Spad, composition, brevets Fr n°85.17423 et Composite développement. 1986 pp 18  version française


100 – Duret, F. and .Coll., (24) Rapport Odontologique: La CFAO dentaire (Odontologia repport: Dental Cad Cam), ed. Ministère de la Recherche.Gouvernement Francais, ANVAR W073.1, Contrat n° A 85-04-054 W 073.1 (Moers Daniel) 12.02. 1987:. Vol. 1 et 2, pp 582 pages  (Version Française then English translation of n°100 )  version française and english version


119 – Duret, F. and J. Blouin, Dispositif de mesure et d’analyse de mouvements du corps humain ou de parties de celui-ci, in 88.15484, INPI (France), Editor. Germain Maureau:1988. p. 13 & 17 figures. version française


121 – Duret, F., J. Blouin, and G. Dechelette, Procede de correlation des saisies tridimensionnelles d’organes humains et dispositif pour sa mise en oeuvre, in 88.1583 I.N.d.P.I. (INPI), Editor. Germain Maureau: France. 1988, version française


123 – Duret, F., JL. Blouin, and B. Duret, CAD-CAM in dentistry. Journal of American Association (JADA), 1988. 117(11): pp. cover & 715-720.

(English with French translation) version française and english version


145 Duret, B., M. Reynaud, and F. Duret, Un nouveau Concept de Reconstruction Corono-Radiculaire: le Composipost (1) (a new concept of corono-radicular reconstruction : the composipost). Chirurgien-dentiste de France, 1990. 540(22 Nov): p. 131-142.

Duret, B., M. Reynaud, and F. Duret, Un nouveau Concept de Reconstruction Corono-Radiculaire: le Composipost (1) (a new concept of corono-radicular reconstruction : the composipost). Chirurgien-dentiste de France, 1990. 542 (6 decembre): p. 59-78.



153 – Duret, F., Preston J, Chapoulaud E, Duret B. CAD/CAM in Dental Office (CFAO en Cabinet dentaire) . the Quintessence (Japan), 1991. 10(3): p. 37-55.

 japanese version


171 – Duret, F., J. Preston, and B. Duret, Performance of CAD/CAM Crown Restorations. CDA Journal, 1996. 24(9): p. 64-71.version anglaise/english version


177 – Chi-Keung, T., G. Medioni, and F. Duret,Automatic, accurate Surface Model Inference for Dental CAD CAM, in Medical Imaging Computing and Computer Assited intervention – MICCAI’98, A.C. WH Wells, S Delp, Editor., Springer-Verlag Heidelberg: Cambridge, USA. 1998. pp. 732-38.  version anglaise/english version


179 – Duret, F.,Rapid Photopolymerisation of Dental Composites by means of Plasma Light (polymérisation rapide des composites dentaires par lampe plasma) . Belgium Académy of Esthetic Dentistry, 1998: p. 1-15. version française and english version

(avec 204 – Duret, F., B. Pelissier, and B. CrevassolMise au point sur la lampe à polymérisation ultra-rapide plasmatique: bilan après 6 ans et mode d’emploi ((Focus on ultra quick plasma light curing ). Info Dentaire, 1999. 44(decembre): p. 3547-3558. version française )



198 – Duret, F., La Recherche de l’Esthétique dans la Technologie CFAO (looking for aesthetics in Cad Cam technology). Réalité Clinique, 1999. 10(1): p. 58-71. .version française


223 – Duret, F., Dispositif Electrochimique pour le blanchiment d’un corps, in FR 02.11.769, I.N.d.P.I. (INPI), Editor. 2002, Brevet Sud: France. p. 20 pages et 6 planches. version française and english version

Duret, F., Bleaching device employing electro-optical and chemical means , namely in medical and dental field, in 10.479,740, US. Patent Office, Editor., Harrison and Egbert: USA. 2002 p. 29 pages and 5/5 dessins.


258 –Duret, F., B. Duret, and B. Pelissier, CFAO , Histoire vécue: le Temps des pionniers (Cad Cam: real life story: pioneers time). Information dentaire, 2007. 29: p. 1659-1663.


Duret, F., B. Duret, and B. Pelissier, CFAO , le Temps des démonstrations (Dental Cad Cam: demonstration time). Information dentaire, 2007. 29: p. 1663-1668.


Duret, F., B. Duret, and B. Pelissier,CFAO ,Futur prometteur (Dental Cad Cam: a promising future). Information dentaire, 2007. 29: p. 1704-1712.

version française


271 – Pelissier, B., Duret F. et Coll., Evolution des lampes à polymériser : troisième génération des lampes LED et applications cliniques. Evolution of curing lamps: third generation of LED lamps and clinical applications) encyclopédies Médicaux Chirurgicales, E.M.C., 2009. stomatologie/odontologie(22-020-A-09): p. 1-17.

(in English and French) version française and english version


283 – Duret F, Pélissier B. Différentes méthodes d’empreinte en CFAO dentaire (Different methods of dental CadCam Optical Impression) .Encyclopédies Médicaux Chirurgicales, EMC médecine buccale28-740-R-10 2010; pp 1-16 and 17-33

(in French and English )  version française and english version


288 – Duret, FDispositif de mesures tridimensionnelles et temporelles par empreinte optique en couleur (Device for taking three-dimensional and temporal optical imprints in color) in 10 54483. French Patent (INPI),filed date brevet Sud: 8 juin 2010, pp 50 pages et 12 figures. : version française and english version


288f. Duret, FDevice for taking three-dimensional and temporal optical imprints in color: via US 8 520 925, US Patent office , filed date:, Brevet Sud, 8 juin 2010- 2013 pp 22 pages and 6 figures   version anglaise/english version


291 – Duret F. Prefessor Dr.François Duret anlässlich der IDS 2011 (interview du Prof Francois Duret à l’occasion de l’IDS 2011) . Quintessenz Zahntech 2011; 37: 968-969.

(in English and German)  english version / deutch version


315 – de Divonne, AC, Duret, F., L’empreinte de François Duret ou « L’apport de l’empreinte optique dépasse celui de l’empreinte traditionnelle », (“The contribution of the optical impression exceeds that of the conventional impression”)Clinic 2013,

(in French and English)  version française and english version


319 – 331 – Duret, F ; O. Querbes and V. Querbes-Duret Dispositif de visualisation pour faciliter la mesure et le diagnostic 3D par empreinte optique en dentisterie- (Visualization device to facilitate 3D measurement and diagnosis by optical Impression in dentistry) in : 14 54774. French Patent (INPI),filed date: 27 mai 2014, brevet Sud: pp 43 pages et 13 figures.  France. version française

(320) 331e.     Duret, F ; O. Querbes and V. Querbes-Duret Device for visualization an interior of a patient’s mouth. In US 2015/0350517,US Patent Office, filed date: 27 mai Brevet Sud, 2014, pp 8 pages and 20 figures USA


329 –  Duret, F ; Dispositif de visualisation de l’intérieur d’une bouche in : 15.50817. French Patent (INPI), filed date: 3 février 2015-2018, brevet Sud: pp 43 pages et 13 figures. France. version française

             Et and 330 – Duret, F; Device for viewing an interior of the mouth, in US 9.877.642. B2 US Patent, filed date: 03.02.2015 –2016 – Brevet Sud, pp 18 and 9 figures USA version anglaise/english version


351 – Duret, F : Die Zukunft gehört der Zahninduktion ( l’affaire devient sérieuse – the case becomes serious) Quintessenz Zahntech 2017 43 (3) édito pp 279-280 pp 5

(in German and French version Française and Deutch version


355 – Duret F., de Vreese G., Querbes V. : Porte empreinte électronique pour le captage d’information dentaire (electronic tray for Optical Impression in Dental field) in FRA.18.50689. French Patent Office (INPI),filed date: 29 janvier 2018, brevet Sud: pp 16 pages et 21 figures.  France. (in French and English)

(in French and English)  version française and english version

Et 356 –  Duret, F ; V. Querbes-Duret and VreesePorte empreinte électronique pour le captage d’information dentaire (electronic tray for Optical Impression in Dental field)  partial and Confidential in US Patent Office, filed date 29 janvier 2018, brevet Sud,  pp 17 pages and 21 figures USA  version anglaise/english version

358 – Duret F., Duret E., Pelissier B., L’apport numérique à la dentisterie et à l’esthétique : point de vue de l’inventeur (Digital Contributions to Dentistry and Aesthetics: An Inventor’s Perspective)alpha oméga news 2018 (Ellcom.Aonews) (23) pp 8-1

(in English and French)  version française and english version


365 – Gleize F. and  Duret F.,(interview)« déjà un demi-siècle de CFAO ! » «already half a century of CadCam ! » solution Cabinet Dentaire 2020 26-33 HS (28) pp 26-33

(in French) version française