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1963 – 1981


If the first and some articles between 1959 and 1967 relating to my activities dealt instead with sports results in Yachting with my brother Jean Louis (see the Courrier de Saône-et-Loire, the Progrès or my selection in 1963/1964 at one of the preparation course for the Tokyo Olympic Games), it is especially on Paleontology and Speleology that my first scientific information was concentrated. This «Chalonnaise» period was followed by the «Annécienne» period where I honoured them in January 1967 to make the headlines of the newspapers and the television news, because the prefecture had come to pick us up at the Hight school as «Lifeguard Spéléo» in a national plan ORSEC.  As member of the “in front of” team with 2 companions of the “Ratoulives” club, we rescued 6 unfortunate Belgians and French trapped in the cave of “l’Adiau – l’Adieu in french” near Annecy

01.  Le journaliste. Pas de drame pour les 6 spéléologues de la grotte de l’Adieu., Le Dauphiné Libéré, 1e page, 5 janvier 1967.

02.  Le journaliste. 6 spéléologues (3 belges et 3 français) bloqués dans la grotte de l’Adieu. Les Echos. Mercredi 4 janvier 1967.

03.  Le journaliste. Alerte et plan ORSEC pour sauver les 6 jeunes spéléo bloqués dans la grotte de l’Adieu. Les Echos. Jeudi 5 janvier 1967.

04.  Le journaliste. 6 spéléologues en perdition à la grotte de l’Adieu. La tribune de Genève. Mercredi 4 janvier 1967.

05.  Le journaliste. Les spéléologues demeures bloqués par la crue. La tribune de Genève. Jeudi 5 janvier 1967.

06.  Le journaliste. Les jeunes spéléos ont bien supporté l’aventure.  Le Monde. vendredi 6 janvier 1967.

1982 - 1985

Preamble :

It was during this period that I discovered the impact and major role of journalists in the success of the work of alone inventor. Without them I would never have been able to continue my career as a researcher and inventor. Without them (and a few politicians, industrialists, dentists and researchers) my career could not have continued, for lack of means. I would always be deeply grateful to them, even though they have always modestly said to me, “We’re just doing our job”.

Thank you Mr Alain Barelle (Press) and again Mrs Martine Allain-Regnault (TV)

When my first work was known around 1981, especially in technical and scientific journals, the first rather scattered press articles appeared. I was not yet aware of them (and even almost ashamed to see them) but it is thanks to these articles, and especially that of Mr A. Barelle (n°1) cover of Dauphiné released in 1982 then the TV interview of Mm Martine Allain-Regnault (see video. 1983)  that the help came to me they allowed me to continue my work more and more expensive (I had been excluded from the Faculty of Dentistry of Lyon for «dispersion» so I was without resources to pay for my research). They also protected me from invention thieves. It was of course the first CadCam demonstration in the world and in public (with Thomson, Matra and Somex) at the University of Paris VII that triggered the real wave of journalism. I quote here for exemple 130 press articles in three years on my work and my results.

• 1982

1. Barelle, A., L’invention d’un dentiste du Grand-Lemps (the invention of a french dentiste from Grand Lemps). Le Dauphiné libéré, 1982. 11.811(26 novembre): p. 1. version française
2. BC, Recherche dent: un procédé français pour faciliter la réalisation de Prothèses Dentaires. dépêche AFP, 1982. AFP 271558 (nov 82).
3. Bernier, F. and H. Bergemenn, Capteurs optiques: les dispositifs photosensibles au transfert de charge (DTC). Electronique Industrielle, 1982. 28(15 février): p. 67. version française
4. Chantal, G., La révolution dans les prothèses dentaires, Le généraliste, 1982. 513(11 décembre): p. 9-10.
5. Cour, Procédé français pour faciliter la fabrication des prothèses dentaires. (French process for facilitating the manufacturing of dental prosthesis). Le courier de Saone et Loire, 1982.
6. Dubillon, M., Un bridge ou une couronne en moins e 15 minutes. France soir, 1982.
7. Fureau, A., Les fibres optiques révolutionnent … l’art dentaire. Tonus médical, 1982. 697: p. 7.
8. Fureau, A., Exclusif: Une invention française va révolutionner votre exercice ( a french invention will revolutionize your practice). tonus dentaire, 1982. 12: p. 1 et 26.
9. Journaliste, Un procédé Français pour faciliter la réalisation des prothèses dentaires. dépêche AFP, 1982. AFP 271558(Novembre). version française
10. Journaliste, Dentier express. journal Belge inconnu, 1982.
11. Journaliste, Invention Française. le meilleur, 1982. fin décembre.
12. Journaliste, Pates â empreinte ou fibres optiques ? Chirurgien dentiste information (CDI), 1982. 26(15 novembre): p. 4.
13. Jouvin, J., Participation au prix Spad. Information dentaire (Info Dent), 1982. 43(9 décembre): p. 4245.
14. NM, Les fibres optiques révolutionnent les prothèses dentaires (optical fiber revoluzione dental Prosthetics), in Nice Matin. 1982.
15. PdM, La révolution dans les prothèses dentaires: les couronnes posées en une séance. Panorama du médecin, 1982. 1543.
16. QdM, Un nouveau procède révolutionnaire et français pour la réalisation des prothèses (French new revolutionary procedure for producing dental prosthesis). Quotidien du médecin, 1982. 2830.
17. Vialanes, R., lettre de critique. courrier de Sarlat, 1982. 23 novembre.

• 1983

18. Abet, C., La Micro sur les dents. Micro7, 1983. 10(novembre): p. 78-79.
19. Alain-Reyniaud, M., diffusion sur TF1 et Antenne 2. Septembre 1983.
20. Barrelle, A., Couronnes (de lauriers) pour un dentiste Dauphinois. le Dauphiné Libéré, 1983. 20 septembre: p. 1. version française
21. Barrelle, A., Couronne (de lauriers) pour un dentiste Dauphinois. Est républicain, 1983. 20 septembre.
22. BC/PAJ, grâce à l’Ordinateur des prothèses en moins d’une heure. dépêche AFP, 1983. AFP 191311(sept 83).
23. BC/PAJ, couronnes par ordinateur: la crainte des artisans prothésistes et Couronnes par ordinateur…. dépêche AFP, 1983. AFP 211142- FRFR FRA0173 4 0244 FRA/AFP-DY52(sept 83).
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26. Chartron, M., 6 e journée dentaires de Nice: Un programme inédit. Tonus Dentaire (TD), 1983. 21(avril): p. 27.
Supprimé ! 27. Cluzeau, M., savoir garder ses dents. le pèlerin, 1983. 5264(23 octobre): p. 30-31. version française
28. Condat, F., Une dent neuve en une heure grâce à  l’Ordinateur. Journal du Dimanche, 1983. 18 Septembre.
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• 1984

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1985 - 1989


Between 1985 and 1989: Around (400 articles) and following the realization of the first crown in congress (we had made others since 1983), and thanks to the team of JP Hennequin masterfully directed by Gilles Deschelettes and Jean Louis Blouin, we were able to develop, adjust and start selling the world’s first dental CAD system. It is consistent with what systems are today. It made and will  make all the prosthesis fixed (crowns, inlays, bridges … ) but also the first ODF diagnostics and machining of certain implants. 1989 will also be marked by my departure to the USA where I was offered a position as Head of Service Professor at the prestigious « USC » University of Los Angeles (University of Southern California). For information I received 5 proposals in the USA including Pacific University (San Francisco), Colombia (NY) ..  and one in Sweden between 1987 and 1989

• 1985

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This is probably the most discouraging period of my working life, as it will be marked by the heyday of Hennson int and the «Duret System» then the fall and bankruptcy of this formidable company in 1992. It will be bought by Sopha Medical who will try to adopt the Sopha CadCam (especially for prosthetist) which will only be a clumsy «makeover» of the Hennson system. As was to be expected, success will not be at the appointment as with Hennson and the Fall of Medical Sopha in conflict with the CEA for patent issues on hospital equipment will lead to that of Sopha bioconcept in charge of dental CadCam. While remaining a professor in the USA despite this turmoil, my work and consulting were taken over by the Japanese company GC. My life will become more Japanese than American.

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1994 - 2002


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2003 - 2009


From 2003 to 2009: During this period I was able to perfect with my team the LED lamps but also start a background work on dental CadCam. I had never had time before, but as my publications show, they take on a less «demonstrative» and more «scientific» tone. This did not prevent me from making new inventions such as that of “chromophoresis” (name given by F. Dieras) also known as the new French concept of “active whitening/lightening of teeth”. In fact, my heart remained attached to my first of my 50 invention’s, that is to say to « artificial intelligence in medicine and dentistry », described and defended at 24 years old in my thesis under the title «the optical impression», a name that has become common to metrological 3D measurements using optical methods in medicine, dentistry and physics.

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2010 - 2021


From 2010 to today: During this last period, definitively abandoning my work on polymerization and CFAO materials, I chose to continue my work as an inventor at the age of 62. This led me to create at the end of 2009 a new industrial structure: the SAS Aabam.  After working on bactericidal coatings, I devoted myself entirely to my new invention, the first method of dental and medical optical fingerprinting of second generation no longer using structured light (using satellite technology). It will lead to the drafting of 7 patents and the birth of the totally revolutionary Condor camera. In the process, I finished my 2020 year at the side of Aurore Duret-Fournier by participating in the realization of the first door optical footprint.

This period was especially marked by many awards and recognition that my profession honoured me with the Legion of Honour being the most important.

I must finally (and above all) specify that from 2016 I only mention a few articles, because the references to my work become too numerous and it is impossible for me to report them all. Besides, I don’t know all of them and often accidentally discover them. For example, the specialized website «Acadia» has referenced more than 420 indications between February 2018 and February 2019 and the most read reference (between 3 and 6 times a week) is curiously not «les cahiers de prothèses n°50 of 1985, but the «JADA» of 1988. It’s probably a matter of translation.

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